Books, bloggers & metablogs: The Blogosphere in 2013

‘Our greatness is not in how much we acquire, 

but in integrity and the ability to affect those around us positively’

[attributed to & paraphrased from] Bob Marley

Bob Marley

 It felt like 2013 was the start of something good on the blogosphere. Like what? In the six months since its inception in May, the Echo Chamber has posted almost 2,000 posts and had over 125,000 views. It’s not about the numbers, but we are seeing an explosive proliferation of accessible opinion about education online. 

All this spurred me on to read some 50 books on education, post 60 blogposts, publish 3 books and write some 200,000 words on education in 2013.  Here is a collection of books I’ve read, blogposts I’ve written, blogposts that have encouraged me, and the education bloggers whose ideas most often influence my thinking.

20 of the books I read in 2013


13 of the blogosphere’s most inspiring posts for me in 2013

20 of my favourite education bloggers in 2013 

(alphabetical order)

10 posts on top thinkers in education in 2013

10 of my favourite posts of 2013 on this blog 

  1. Memory
  2. Units 
  3. Rhetoric
  4. Curriculum
  5. Mastery 
  6. Ethos
  7. Behaviour
  8. Culture 
  9. Biases
  10. The Double Helix

10 most viewed posts of 2013 on this blog

  1. Sir Ken
  2. Dylan Wiliam
  3. Observations
  4. Great Leadership
  5. John Hattie
  6. Great Teaching
  7. Direct Instruction
  8. Snake Oil
  9. Marking
  10. Seven Myths

10 most problematic things in education in 2013

  2. Graded Observations
  3. Behaviour
  4. Levels
  5. SLT stuck on levels
  6. Gimmicks
  7. Snake Oil 
  8. Burn Out
  9. Performance Management
  10. Sir Ken’s TED Talks

10 posts on cultural capital in 2013

  1. The skills-knowledge debate is worthwhile
  2. Observer calls knowledge pointless
  3. Skills are being separated from knowledge
  4. Teaching skills without knowledge fails
  5. Knowledge is vital for skills 
  6. Knowledge-led curricula work
  7. Knowledge-led lessons work
  8. Knowledge-led units work
  9. Knowing about rhetoric is useful
  10. Teaching improves by focusing on knowledge, memory & practice 

3 books published in 2013

HowToStartCover     cover   Teach First Maths

Books I’d like to read in 2014


In 2014, I’d like to read more broadly. If subject knowledge is as vital for learning as I think it is, I’d like to learn more about the stories of literature, art, music, maths and science. Few bloggers seem to blog much about the content of their subjects, so I’d like to write more on that this year.

If the greatest leaders create leaders, perhaps the greatest bloggers encourage others to blog. Let’s make 2014 a year to remember on the blogosphere – and get others online.

About Joe Kirby

School leader, education writer, Director of Education and co-founder, Athena Learning Trust, Deputy head and co-founder, Michaela Community School, English teacher
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11 Responses to Books, bloggers & metablogs: The Blogosphere in 2013

  1. Thanks Joe. You’ve made a massive impact on the blogosphere since you started. I hope you manage to keep the output flowing in 2014. Good luck with all you are doing….it’s inspiring and I also important work! Tom

  2. mrlock says:

    Reblogged this on The Echo Chamber.

  3. mrswardster says:

    Thanks for your posts, I’m really enjoying your blog, and, as you mention, feel excited about the proliferation and interest in educational tweeting and blogging which I have just begun to get involved with last year.
    Also, I can recommend Gombrich’s story of Art!

  4. Joe, without doubt, you have influenced so many of us who subscribe to your blog and look forward to your weekend posts. I would never have bought and read Leverage leadership if it were not for your post on it – for that alone, thank you! Looking forward to more educational debates in 2014.


  5. Thank you for your blog – always a good read.

    Enjoy EH Gombrich. ‘Little History’ is genius and you should add ‘Art and Illusion’ to your pile.

    Your pictures of books stacked up reminded me of this song:

  6. iMesh Lab says:

    Thanks for sharing your blog is wonderful…..imeshlab

  7. Mannix says:

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