Treasure Trove #5: A Cognitive Science Crash Course

Time is short in schools. 

Fast, free CPD is key. 

Here’s a free, 2-hour self-study crash course to help teachers, school leaders, teaching assistants and support staff to grasp the science of learning. 

  1. Memory and overload Peps McCrae 1 min
  2. How cognitive load theory changed my teaching Zach Groshell 2 mins
  3. What can we learn from cognitive science? 3 mins 
  4. Three applications of cognitive science 4 mins
  5. Why don’t students remember what they’ve learned? 5 mins
  6. Introduction to cognitive science Ruth Ashbee 6 mins
  7. Teaching with memory in mind Jemma Sherwood 2 mins
  8. How to learn better Adam Boxer 2 mins
  9. What can science tell us about how students learn best? 3 mins
  10. How can we improve the quality of our teaching? 1 min
  11. One scientific insight for curriculum design 4 mins
  12. Cognitive science and visible learning 4 mins
  13. Why is knowledge important? Dan Willingham 8 minutes
  14. Worked examples James Crane 3 minutes
  15. The practice gap David Thomas 1 min
  16. The power of practice David Thomas 1 min
  17. The quantity of practice David Thomas 1 min
  18. Practice drills 2 mins
  19. Overlearning Dan Willingham 1 min
  20. Why people love and remember stories Dan Willingham 6 mins
  21. Mnemonics: making the forgettable memorable 4 mins
  22. An introduction to the science of learning Nick Rose 56-minute video

Our thinking (working memory) is limited and gets overloaded fast; we forget fast, too.
We remember knowledge by thinking lots over a long time with examples, practice and revisiting.

Questions worth trying to explain

  1. How do working memory and long-term memory work together in learning? (revisit)
  2. How does the mind struggle with overload?
  3. How does the mind struggle with forgetting?
  4. How does knowledge help learning? (revisit)
  5. How do examples help learning? (revisit)
  6. How does practice help learning? (revisit)

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