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How can we improve our schools and our leadership?

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Here are the 100+ essays I’ve written and shared online. All are free.

What do we most need to know to teach and lead well?

What can we learn from psychology?

How can we create great school leadership?

How can we create a great student culture?

How can we create great curricula? 

How can we create a great teaching culture?

How can we create great staff culture?

How can we improve assessment?

How can we teach English well?

What can we learn from great thinkers?

What can we learn from great schools?

What can we learn from new teachers and supply teachers?

How are teachers using social media?

Since I first taught in 2004, I’ve been learning from unsung heroes: headteachers, school leaders, edubloggers, supply teachers, new teacherssuccessful schools, philosophers, cognitive scientists, cultural theoristseducation psychologists, learning scientists, the best schools, sleep researchers, world memory champions, economists, habit scientists, choice architects, eduhistorians, broadcasters, strategists, iconoclasts, assessment experts, language specialists, global consulting firms, teacher recruitment charities, moral psychologists, athletes & sports coaches, behaviour tsars, ResearchEd founders, freedom fighters, preachers, reformers, chief inspectors, inspection rebelsheretics battling orthodoxies, even Shakespeare’s school and theatre… and applying the best thinking I can find, to help create the best schools. 

About Joe Kirby

School leader, education writer, Director of Education and co-founder, Athena Learning Trust, Deputy head and co-founder, Michaela Community School, English teacher
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